Medical Services


Our staff physicians are experienced family doctors who are certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada. They are faculty members of the Department of Family Physicians at Western University.

Each staff physician heads up a medical team which is responsible for your primary care, health promotion and disease prevention / management.

Working with your physician are the family medicine residents. Residents are medical doctors who work at the Centre to gain practical experience as part of their 24 month family medicine residency program at Western University. The resident spends 8 months of his/her time here in the Centre usually on a 4 month rotation. The remaining 16 months are spent in hospitals.

Rounding out the medical team are family practice registered nurses. They are very involved in, and concerned with the many different aspects of your care. They function as a liaison within the team and are your first point of contact with the team. The nurse provides immediate assistance in dealing with many problems and will coordinate your care with the team doctors. They are particularly involved in health promotion and educating you on healthy habits and lifestyles.

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