Our Mission

The Southwest Middlesex Health Centre is committed to excellence in the provision of health care services, education and research.


Our service includes:

  • The provision of health care services to our catchment area reflecting the diverse needs of the population residing there.
  • The development of a working partnership with the community in order to define and deliver the appropriate health care services.
  • The provision of health care services in keeping with the social, cultural, spiritual and emotional needs of our clients.


Our education includes:

  • The provision and sponsorship of health care training reflecting a multidisciplinary community centred approach to health care.
  • Engagement in the teaching of and research into health promotion, disease prevention and comprehensive primary care.
  • The promotion of communication with other community service providers¬† to educate and be educated in health care concerns in order to provide the services needed by our clients.


Our research includes:

  • The commitment to ongoing research endeauvours with the community and Western University to promote better care and service in a responsible and proactive manner.

Management Practice

Our management practice includes:

  • The commitment to a work place which respects individual contributions, creativity and accountability to provide excellence in service, education and research.